Bambino Mio Cloth Nappy

Bambino Mio Giveaway

Do you love using cloth nappies or do you want to try using one for the first time? Then it doesn’t get better than the award winning cloth nappies at Bambino Mio,  We have a Bambino Mio Pack to give away which includes: 1 x Miosolo Cloth Nappy in Circus Time print worth $29.99 1 […]

Eat Sleep Play (for Kids) Giveaway

Win the ultimate dinner set and play pouch worth over $70 thanks to Eat Sleep Play Kids. Eat Sleep Play supplies eat, sleep and play products for babies and kids. Their focus is on eco-friendly, unique, practical, affordable and easy to love products. Taking kids on a journey from eating in style, to exciting play time […]

10 Ways to Have a Happy Family

As Mums, it usually falls on us to keep a happy family. On top of all of the other things that Mums are responsible for, we thought we would make your life easier by sharing with you 10 things that makes for a happy family.  1. Create traditions Unique family traditions give your family an identity […]

Jett Around the World Giveaway

Jett Around the World Giveaway

Take your kids around the world through the Jett Around the World series of books.  You and your child can learn about the cities of Paris, LA, London, New York and Sydney through these beautifully illustrated hardcover books. Your child will also receive a passport and stickers within each of the books to mark their […]

IN.CO BAG flatlay

IN.CO BAGS presents Yoga for Kids

We are so excited to be part of the inauguaral Mums & Kids IN.CO BAGS. Unboxing our IN.CO BAG As soon as we received our IN.CO BAG, Mia was so excited to look through its contents. The first thing that Mia noticed was the Little Yogi Mat and immediately asked “Is this mine Mummy?” Mia […]

Andrea Dedik Newborn Photos with Child Blogger

What to look for in a newborn photographer

I want to share my tips in finding that perfect newborn photographer. You will treasure these photos for years to come, so it pays to invest time and energy in finding the right photographer. All photos of Maxi and Mia have been captured by Andrea Dedik Photography. PLAN ahead If you want those sleepy baby photos, […]

Surviving the school holidays

School Holiday Survival Guide

“Mum, I’m booooored!” The reality of school holidays It would appear that my children, despite having a room full of fabulous toys, are unable to entertain themselves, unless that entertainment includes things they shouldn’t do, with objects that are not toys. (Like cutting each other’s hair at 5 am in the morning for example. True […]

Perils of pet ownership

The Perils of Pet Ownership 

I thought I’d do a brief rundown of some of the best and worst pet experiences I’ve had or have heard about, so here is my wrap up… What about dogs… Like many couples, we initially bought a dog to practice our parenting skills upon. This turned out to not be very reassuring as our […]