Kid Stock Backpack Review and Giveaway

Kid Stock Backpack Review & Giveaway

With Mia starting preschool next year, I have been on the lookout for the perfect backpack to send her to school with. I was so happy to come across the Kid Stock range of backpacks when I visited the One Fine Baby expo when they were in Sydney. And because we love these backpacks so much, we want to give away one to a Mum who I know will also love the bag as much as we do. 

I don’t know about you guys, but at home we currently have four backpacks that I’m not entirely happy with, and this past month I have had to throw out two backpacks because one was coming apart and the other got so dirty on the outside, that even after trying to clean it, it still looked too dirty.

The perfect backpack for me after trying so many – has to be durable, practical, easy to clean, the right size, have compartments and a stylish design is a must! Is that too much to ask?!

After using the Kid Stock backpack, we have found that they are not only super stylish but they have been designed to be super functional. Some of the awesome features include:

  • An internal wet pouch for all those dirty and wet items that need to be kept separate from the main bag. As you know, when you send your kids to school, accidents can happen or their clothes can get really wet or dirty, so it’s great to have an inbuilt bag where all those items can go in without having to remember to pack a wet bag all the time.
  • An internal back wall slip pocket for iPads, books, and other slimline items. I am huge fan of compartments as it makes it easier to locate things not only for you but for your child. Here you can place their books and items they need to take to school for the day and they will know where to access it easily.
  • 100% coated cotton canvas. This means you can easily wipe the bag clean, but it will also sustain some wear and tear while maintaining its super cool appearance for longer. I found this to be the most useful part of the bag. It doesn’t look like those bags made from PVC (it can look quite cheap looking) and the quality is so good.
  • The backing of industry testing for durability, functionality, as well as the quality of its components.
  • Stylish design keeping parents and children in mind. My hubby has complained incessantly about carrying around a pink Peppa Pig backpack as a grown man. He has begged me to find a backpack that he can carry around without feeling embarrassed. So the designs Kid Stock has in their range has kept Mum and Dad in their minds while making it attractive enough that kids want to carry them  around.

Christmas Special

Kid Stock are running a Christmas special on their bags. Usually priced at $59, you can now get your hands on one for $45! The promo price ends 20th December. Head to their website to check out their range and grab one for your child as they go back to school or start school next year.

For the chance to win a Kid Stock backpack of your choice, enter below:

Win a Kid Stock Backpack worth $59

64 thoughts on “Kid Stock Backpack Review & Giveaway

  1. My daughter would adore this bag and take it with her on our daytrips out to the woods or beach. She would fill it with a few of her toys and water bottle and feel like a big girl.

  2. A durable, wipeable, stylish backpack? Sounds perfect – especially in glorious Prickly Pete.

  3. Love this and why am I always the one carrying all of the bags – now hubby can take some of the weight 🙂

  4. Prickly Pete backpack
    My son would love on his back!
    Making day trips super fun
    Decked in stock store, my trendy son!

  5. Super Stripe! It’s a classic style
    With my boy’s changing little taste
    The stripes will stand up to trial
    And I won’t have to shop again with haste!

  6. ‘Prickly Pete’ looks sweeter than chocolate with a ‘Bounty’ of style. This backpack would make school a ‘Picnic’ and won’t generate ‘Snickers’ !

  7. Cactus’s how I love thee. Ace for niece whose transitioning to a new school in the new year.

  8. This would be amazing to win with my daughter off to day care next year this would be the perfect prize

  9. Love them all! As I have to pick just one The Super Stripe Backpack would be cool! Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance 🙂

  10. Super Stripe backpack is super cool,
    Trendy and stylish for my son at school.
    Handy cotton canvas to wipe clean,
    The best looking backpack ever seen!

  11. My youngest is starting prep next year I would love to send her to school with the polka party backpack

  12. Would absolutely love the Polka Dot Party – it matches my little one’s personality perfectly!

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