The Loot Lab Kids Activity Box

The Loot Lab Review & Giveaway

The Loot Lab activity box is your saving grace when it comes to keeping your kids quiet and entertained. Whether it’s to take on a road trip, on a flight, at a dinner or to a play date – these boxes will definitely give you the peace and quiet that you need!

Mia and her friend Sebastian met for a play date and I gave them their activity boxes. Because we were out at a park, I didn’t think they would be engaged with the box for too long as they would be more interested in getting back to running around. We were all surprised to find Mia (3 years old) and Sebastian (2 years old) playing with their boxes for much longer than we expected.

They each loved finding a new surprise in the box and opening and playing with each item. They got stickers, stamps, textas, a small notebook, jelly beans and lots of other items.

Mia until this day, still loves opening up her activity box and continues to play it. You can also easily reuse the box as a lunchbox as well!

We are giving away 2 x activity boxes (worth $19.95 each), one for you and a friend, so you can have a play date just like Mia! Enter below:

Win 2 x Kids Activity Boxes from The Loot Lab


35 thoughts on “The Loot Lab Review & Giveaway

  1. We’ll be using it in the car while we roadtrip through Sydney’s terrible weekend traffic to visit bubs grandparents – plenty of activity in the 1 hour plus car ride!

  2. I’d put it to task in my home when I babysit my friend’s child. It might keep her away from my bathroom sink where she loves to empty my hand wash to create a room full of bubbles!

  3. Hooray what a fabulous way to keep her happy for car trips and rainy days
    A box of fun while she plays

  4. I’d love to give these to my young daughters as a special surprise on the plane for our overseas family holiday! It would definitely come in handy for the long flight to keep their little hands and minds busy! Thanks!

  5. Christmas gift for kids can sometimes be hard, but with these under my belt the xmas shipping would already be started!

  6. I have a month long road trip with 3 kids 10yrs and under coming in a couple months and this would be perfect.

  7. What a great idea! My youngest is always sitting around at his older brothers sports games and training. This would really help keep him occupied and happy.

  8. I will be using this when we have doctors appointment or places the kids need to be quiet and sit still.

  9. We’ll be using it on our weekend road trips for our daughter to always have something to do

  10. I sometimes work from home and this would be great to keep the kids entertained while I get some work done. I would also reuse it for the many long car trips we have and take it to restaurants on the rare occasions we go out for dinner.

  11. I think my grandsons might have to wrestle this off nanny because even I love playing these games, they will love playing on these at my house cause nannies house gets a little boring except for the lollies ?

  12. Where would I NOT use it? First place would be when I need to do a little bit of work at home but need to babysit!

  13. As a 28yr old single male. I don’t tend to spend much time on getting to know my friends children, however the only 2 of my friends who have children will be thrilled if I give them one of these great time/tantrum killers for their kids!

  14. When visiting grandparents in the country.
    We might not get “are we there yet!?” A million times

  15. On the long car trip to visit Grandad and Grandma these school holidays! I may even share with the kids 🙂

  16. This would be perfect for the afternoons where I have to work and bring the little ones with me, keeping them entertained until mummy finishes her work!

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