Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag Review

Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag Review by Child Blogger

When I think nappy bags, Storksak has to be at the top of my wishlist. So when I got the chance to review one of their top sellers, I gave a little squeal and got so excited when their gorgeous Sofia bag was delivered home. Now that I have been using their bag for a month, I can honestly say it has to be the best nappy bag that I have come across to date.  

My first nappy bag

When I was pregnant with my first, I received a nappy bag from Oroton at my baby shower. It was a beautiful gift from a friend who had no idea about nappy bags (she doesn’t have any kids) and of course I was very happy to receive it as it was a beautiful gesture on her behalf. When I started using the bag, I found it incredibly impractical and not at all Mum friendly. I realised that when you have a baby, you need a bag that has compartments so you can easily access things you need while you are juggling holding a crying baby in one hand. The Oroton bag had hardly any compartments (from memory 2) and I used to find it so aggravating having to rummage through the bag to find the dummy, bib or bottle.

So I bought another

Even though the Oroton nappy bag was pretty and quite expensive, I couldn’t use it anymore (as much as it pained me not to do so). So I decided to be practical and buy a nappy bag with plenty of compartments and out of pure frustration and desperation, I grabbed a Fisher and Price nappy bag that cost about $30. Yes it had plenty of compartments and absolutely served its purpose, BUT I hated carrying it around. I am a huge handbag addict and love wearing pretty bags and handbags (I have a lovely collection of Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade bags) so when I had to walk out of the house with a nappy bag that I wasn’t happy to show off, I was back to square one, but this time with the opposite problem, I had a bag that was functional BUT it was pretty ugly looking. At this point I gave up, and just used a backpack that I had at home.

Storksak Sofia Leather Nappy Bag Review

4 reasons why I love the Sofia Storksak nappy bag

  1. Pure luxury – the bag is made from 100% leather and feels absolutely beautiful to touch. The design is also super stylish and chic and goes with any outfit for any occasion. Whether it’s just a walk with the kids or heading out for dinner, this bag looks luxurious no matter where I wear it.
  2. Fits everything – the bag is so roomy that I am able to fit everything I need for the baby as well as for my 3 year old AND my own things. I love that I only have to leave the house with one bag instead of 3!
  3. Compartments galore – compartments are essential if you want a functional nappy bag and the Sofia doesn’t disappoint. You have four external magnetic pockets which is where I put the things that I need quick access to like my phone, wipes and snacks. There are also nine internal compartments plus a large zipped pocket for your valuables. You know where everything is and there is no need to rummage through your bag trying to find your keys or dummy when baby is crying.
  4. Carry it two ways – the bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap which is super handy when you don’t have enough hands to carry it by the handles or you have too many things that it’s easier to carry it on your shoulders. I use it both ways every day so I love that it comes with the long strap to allow me to carry it however I want.

So if you have been ummming and ahhhing about buying a Storksak bag, then I highly recommend not wasting your money on other brands that you won’t be happy with and invest in a bag that you will love carrying around everyday and is also super functional for you and bub. Head to their website to check out the range

Bag provided in kind for the review. 


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