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We were so excited to check out Nubo – located in Alexandria, NSW. When you look at photos of this educational play space, the design is like nothing I have ever seen. I would say it’s a mix between a very modern indoor play centre, art centre, library and a building room all under the one roof.


Upon entering, everyone (including adults) is asked to remove their shoes. There is lockers available to store away shoes and anything else that is not valuable. You will see the library behind the reception area and you can’t miss the awesome hot air balloon feature. Kids can climb up and sit inside and read a range of books that they can choose from. There is other reading nooks so you can sit down with your kids and enjoy reading books together.


The art room is where they host children’s master classes including cooking, art, music and coding; as well as facilitated play sessions. When the room is not in use, staff set up various activities for the kids to participate in. Mia was able to colour in a variety of fruits and stick colouful bits of paper to create her artwork. There was also this really cool product I have never seen before, it’s like playdoh but it’s not sticky and it doesn’t create a mess but you can mould it into anything you like just like playdoh. 


Adjacent to the art room, is the building room which contains Big Blue Blocks, MagFormers and Kaleido Gears. You can’t miss the active play area either which will keep your kids entertained for hours. There is a climbing area and two huge slides for the older kids. For toddlers, there is a ball pit and a couple of smaller slides that Mia couldn’t get enough of. There is also a babies area, where soft toys and equipment is available for them to play with.


Upstairs is a room that looks like a play kitchen and markets – so kids imagination can run wild. Mia loved pretending to cook for Mummy and Daddy and taking our orders at the market stall where there is a till with fake money and lots of goods for her to sell to us.


The cafe was impressive. Located right in front of the active play areas, you can sit and enjoy a coffee while watching the kids play. What I loved about the cafe is the wholesome items on the menu. I usually find at the typical indoor play centres, the cafes only provide junk food which I am not a fan of. Nubo cafe emphasises on healthy, wholesome food made fresh to order. 

Why we love it

Besides the design, set up, cafe and overall feel of the place – I loved the time we got to spend with Mia at Nubo. When she wanted to read a book, I was right there with her reading a book together. When she wanted to colour in and stick pieces of paper on her artwork, I was there next to her helping her. When she wanted to create a snowman out of that ‘playdoh’ like product, Daddy was there helping her build it. When she wanted to build with the giant building blocks, Dad helped her build a big tower. When she wanted to cook for us and take our orders, both of us happily waited for our fake food to arrive and to hand over our fake money for our shopping order. And when she wanted to play endlessly in the active play area, Mummy and Daddy were able to take a rest and enjoy a coffee in the cafe area as we watched her little face light up for the 100th time as she slid into the ball pit from the slide.

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