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Review of iFly Indoor Skydiving & Giveaway

When we got the opportunity to go and experience an indoor flight at iFly Indoor Skydiving, to say I was excited was an understatement! The flight is recommended from the ages of 3+. Mia turned 3 not long ago, but she is the biggest daredevil and pretty fearless that I knew she would love this experience.

iFly Indoor Skydiving is located in Sydney West, Gold Coast and Perth. We attended the Sydney West facility located in Penrith, right next to the Penrith Panthers entertainment complex.

Our flight was booked at 4pm but they require you to check in an hour before so we were there at 3pm. We filled out the necessary forms in preparation for the flights.

As soon as you enter, you see the ‘tunnel’ with all the flyers doing their thing. Some flyers are beginners, while others are more advanced and you totally get wowed by some of the cool tricks and turns they can do inside.

Mia watched on eagerly as we explained to her she will be going in to fly like a superhero! I couldn’t take part in the experience as I am pregnant, but Daddy was with her every step of the way.

30 mins before the scheduled flight time, Mia and Daddy were taken into a room to be inducted and to meet their instructor, Jimmy. They were shown an instructional video and then issued out their jumpsuit, goggles and helmet for the flight. Mia got the option to wear a superhero jumpsuit which she absolutely loved and it was seriously too cute!

All the flyers lined up one by one to wait their turn to go into the tunnel and take their flight with Jimmy. Mia watched as Daddy went in first. Once Daddy came out, Mia walked in and Jimmy took her around to get a feel for what it really would be like to be a superhero! She was flying and loving every second of it.

I have to say that I was waiting anxiously outside worried that she was going to be scared, but Jimmy was such a lovely instructor and really took care of her and made her feel safe.

It was truly an amazing experience that I would absolutely recommend that the whole family can enjoy together.

Superhero training day

If you are looking for a great school holiday experience, why not get your kids to attend their Superhero Training Day! Held from the 1st July across all iFly locations, kids can attend training for free (without flights) and flights start at just $39! Find out dates and to book click here.

IFly Indoor Skydiving Superhero Training

Giveaway time

And of course here is our amazing giveaway! We are giving away a family pass to attend any of the iFly locations (Sydney West, Gold Coast or Perth) with the passes valued at over $400! Enter below:

Win a Family Pass to iFly Indoor Skydiving worth over $400!

39 thoughts on “Review of iFly Indoor Skydiving & Giveaway

  1. I want to be Wonder Woman,
    she is amazing!
    She is tough, kind and brave,
    and wears Super Hero bling!

  2. My daughters favourite super hero is Spider-Man!! She used to wear the outfit for most of her three year old life… we even had to call her Spider-Man!!

  3. Batman – it’s always Batman! My daughter is obsessed. No girly girl superheroes for her! ?

  4. I would like to be the invisible woman so I can sneak up on the kids and watch what they are doing! I could tickle them and play sneaky tricks on them, the fun I could have! Lol .. And when they are naughty and lose their electronics I can just touch the confiscated electronics to make them disappear instead of trying to hide them all in my room!

  5. I am Wonder Woman
    I wonder how I can manage to keep the house clean with 2 active babies.
    I must be Wonder Woman since I can

  6. We have a little Spiderman fan here, although I wish I was the Wonder Woman type, as she always looks great even when under stress…

  7. My friends have talked about the fantastic experience their kids had visiting here..
    I look forward to the time my daughter get to try this free feeling

  8. Serious superhero flying envy over here!! I would looooove this so much it would be the coolest family day out!!!!

  9. Amazing fun for my little ones
    Flying high would be so fun
    Safe, unique and truly great
    No other experience could replicate!

  10. Would be a awesome prize for my son. His hero is his uncle who is a paratrooper for the Australian army.A chance for him too do what his uncle does would be amazing.

  11. I always wanted to be Wonder Woman now I’m always wondering where I put my keys, my cup of tea. I’m just always wondering.

  12. Would love to take the kids here!
    They are 16 and 8, so it’s hard to find activities they both enjoy, this would be perfect!

  13. I just HAVE to win this (crossing fingers crossing fingers)… my son and daughter have been LITERALLY begging us to go now for nearly 2 years. This would make me Wonderwoman to them if I managed to pull this off.

  14. Fantastic way to spend time with my grandchildren, one from monster high flying like a bat, and brother Spiderman, miss paw puppy and mr 1 who is just walking

  15. Superman because he can fly, leap tall buildings and wear his underwear on the outside lol, but mostly fly!

  16. My superhero obsessed mr 6 would love to fly
    With his cape on he’d zoomup in the sky
    Miss 4 can’t stop talking about i-fly
    She’s a daredevil and will one day skydive!!
    I’d love to be wonder woman for a day
    Being totally kickass and that outfit.. slay!!!
    Hubby’s happy to be the Super Dad
    This adventure seeking family want this so bad xx

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