Little Bairn Giveaway with Child Blogger

Little Bairn Baby Skin Care Giveaway

Ho, ho ho, Merry Christmas, Baby! Pamper your little one (or a new mama!) this Santa season with this sweet gift bundle which includes four of our most popular products, bundled together in a Christmas-inspired drawstring bag with gift tag. After moving your products to the bathroom, enjoy using the cotton bag to store your baby’s favourite trinkets or in the nappy […]

Welcome to the iGeneration

As I sat in Macca’s having coffee a while back, I watched an entire family at a nearby table expertly shovelling their fries and burgers hand to mouth without ever once taking their eyes off their phones. It was an eerie sight as silent mechanical arms dipped up and down feeding the open mouths like […]

Mustela Bath & Skin Care Giveaway

Mustela Bath and Skin Care Giveaway

With Mia being recently diagnosed with eczema, we are always on the lookout for quality skincare that caters to her eczema prone skin and now with the addition of our second baby, there is a high chance that he will also develop eczema, given that there is a genetic factor. We have been using the […]

Jord Wooden Watches Packaging

Christmas Gift Ideas – Jord Wooden Watches

If you’re anything like me, I get really stressed about Christmas because I always want to give presents to my hubby and family that is different, unique and special. So when I heard about Jord wooden watches, I was absolutely intrigued and hooked. When I jumped on their website, I saw an array of really […]