Mustela Bath & Skin Care Giveaway

Mustela Bath and Skin Care Giveaway

With Mia being recently diagnosed with eczema, we are always on the lookout for quality skincare that caters to her eczema prone skin and now with the addition of our second baby, there is a high chance that he will also develop eczema, given that there is a genetic factor. We have been using the new customised range from Mustela catering to eczema prone skin and sensitive skin on our kids and are loving the range. 

We are giving away a Mustela Bath and Skincare Pack tailored to your child’s skin type (normal, dry, sensitive and eczema prone) valued at over $80+.

Mustela® is the first skin care company globally to embark on a research program that analyses babies and children’s skin.

Babies each have different kinds of skin with different needs, deserving of its own care- Normal skin, Dry skin, Eczema-prone skin and Very Sensitive Skin.

With this insight, Mustela® developed patented specific natural ingredients – clinically proven under dermatological and/or paediatric supervision – to be effective for each type of skin.

Customised range is available at Chemist Warehouse, Babies “R” Us and all good pharmacies.

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Mustela Bath and Skin Care Pack Giveaway



70 thoughts on “Mustela Bath and Skin Care Giveaway

  1. These sound like amazing products to have on hand for bub.
    Thinking they would be great on adult skin as well.

  2. My 2yr old son has normal to dry skin (& we LOVE Mustela! He has been using it since birth thanks to a sample received in his Bounty Bag.

  3. This would be wonderful. I know just what its like to suffer with problem skin. For littleones to ahve to deal with that is just horrible.

  4. Mustela Bath and Skincare Products have beautiful natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals for all ages and skin types. I would love to experience it . It is a great prize to win. Thank you.

  5. My son’s skin is so normal it’s unfair. My nephew on the other hand suffers from very sensitive skin that reacts to everything.

  6. My son has dry / eczema prone skin. Poor poppet is not a fan of the hot weather as his skin tends to flare up more

  7. Luckily she has normal skin but is very fair
    but prone to dryness from the weather if moisturising not taken care

  8. Would be terrific pack to take on our Cruise we are going on as will have everything in one pack for all our skins, Normal,Oily and Combination

  9. Our 10day old bubba has dry flaky skin, a sign of our family history of eczema. Love an eczema prone pack.

  10. My family are predisposed to eczema, with some suffering worse than others. Would love to try mustela on my new grandson at birth (he’s due in a few weeks) and see if it helps keep the flaky dry skin at bay. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Lucky Little Miss has normal skin which is great as her older brothers have sensitive and eczema prone!

  12. Sensitive skin, prone to break outs of rashes the doctor keeps telling me is from different things from heat to contact with my moisturiser to dryness to bath products, sigh.

  13. Would love to win this for my grandson who suffers from ezcema would be great to stop the irritation he suffers with it

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