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Little Bairn Baby Skin Care Giveaway

Ho, ho ho, Merry Christmas, Baby! Pamper your little one (or a new mama!) this Santa season with this sweet gift bundle which includes four of our most popular products, bundled together in a Christmas-inspired drawstring bag with gift tag.

After moving your products to the bathroom, enjoy using the cotton bag to store your baby’s favourite trinkets or in the nappy bag when out and about. Pack includes:

Gentle Baby Wash
Lightly scented with sweet orange and lavender, this wash is suitable for use from birth. Soap and sulfate free.

Natural Baby Powder
Made from Australian white clay, an 100% natural powder to keep the skin dry and free from irritation.

Organic Sleepy Time Bath & Massage Oil
The perfect companion for a bedtime massage. Organic jojoba oil keeps the skin supple, while lavender and chamomile help prepare your little one for the land of nod.

Organic Soothing Baby Lotion
A light organic lotion specially formulated for sensitive skin. A carefully selected blend of herbal extracts helps relieve red, irritated skin.
About Little Bairn
Little Bairn is an award-winning range of luxury, certified organic skincare products for mum and baby. At Little Bairn we understand that baby skin deserves special care. That is why our products have been created using only the highest quality organic ingredients to ensure they are gentler, safer and cleaner.

46 thoughts on “Little Bairn Baby Skin Care Giveaway

  1. I will be gifting my daughter a playgro ball pit that she can play in with her two year old sister. There going to have a BALL 😉

  2. Its our babes first Christmas, she will be 6 weeks old. So this year we are giving her a few items that can be treasured and loved for years to come. Becoming keepsakes for her. A custom made Charlie Rabbit soft toy, a zero print birth print and an initial Christmas bauble.

  3. I always buy my baby girl too many cute clothes and little shoes, lucky I have friends with younger babies to then donate them too!

  4. I’ll be buying my little great nieces and nephews a sentimental first xmas tree ornament as they are brand new 🙂

  5. I will be gifting my son a play tent for him to have hours of fun with his sister this summer holidays!

  6. Our third bubba deserves something special, just for her, and not another hand-me-down! She’s getting some beautiful hardcover books and a rag doll keepsake. This Little Bairn Christmas pack is so sweet!

  7. Hopefully my twin boys come out before Christmas as I want to buy them a cute Christmas outfit

  8. Our baby has to be delivered 3 weeks early and will only be a few days old on christmas day. We’re giving him/her a a teddy bear big brother made at Build-a-bear.

    1. My youngest is getting a scooter and his teen brother and sister are getting bluetooth speakers.

  9. A gorgeous friend of mine had a baby only a week ago – a sweet girl and although I can’t be there, this would be a beautiful gift to send her… Share and show the love xx

  10. Our little Miss is getting a Water Play Table as she is such a water baby! She loves being outside so we shall try to keep her cool!

  11. I will be gifting my son a Hot Wheels set, so he can stop playing with his big sisters dolls, and fighting over her pram!

  12. Our first grandchild will certainly use your products and the gift bag would be a perfect gift.

  13. Organic Soothing Baby Lotion to keep her skin soft in the heat
    Organic Soothing Baby Lotion means dryness will be beat

  14. My baby boy will be getting a toy puppy, I can’t wait to see his face when he sees it!
    This gorgeous Little Bairn Santa skin care bundle would be perfect for my baby nephew who is due any day now, I can’t allow any nasties on his precious baby skin!

  15. My sons skin is very dry, which makes him itchy and I’m trying a heap of products that just aren’t working. We’d love to win!

  16. This would be amazing for my sister as my nephew is due soon for his first Christmas. (could you imagine if he’s born on Christmas day) I am one very excited Aunty and can’t wait for the little man to be born.

  17. He’s nearly walking so it’s be walkers and blocks and ride ons and a lot of locks for our cupboards~

  18. I\’ll be gifting my little one a new rattle – one that he can cherish and pass onto his children for generations to come.

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