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Christmas Gift Ideas – Jord Wooden Watches

If you’re anything like me, I get really stressed about Christmas because I always want to give presents to my hubby and family that is different, unique and special.

So when I heard about Jord wooden watches, I was absolutely intrigued and hooked. When I jumped on their website, I saw an array of really cool watches stocked with men’s wooden watch and women’s wooden watch.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this unique watch. I ordered one from the Hyde range and I absolutely love that they offer custom engraving! So not only is it a beautiful gift to give (or receive) you can customise it and make it that extra special by getting it engraved!

Once my Jord wood watch arrived, I was blown away by their packaging! It came in the cedar watch box and the box has a little pull out drawer where your finishing oil is kept (to maintain the condition of the watch).

The quality and the finish of the wood watch is next to none. And even though the watch is large (I do love large faced watches), because the watch is made from wood, it’s super light. Some of the other large watches I own can tend to feel heavy, with this watch on my wrist, I can barely feel that it’s there. For more information and to check out the rest of their range, just head to the Jord website.

Jord Wooden Watch Hyde

So if you’re anything like me and struggling to think of that special Christmas present for your other half or for family OR you want this for yourself, then I wouldn’t hesitate jumping on to their website and buying one in the lead up to Christmas (which by the way is only 8 weeks away!)

And because we are in the Christmas spirit, we want to offer all of our readers a 25% discount on their Jord purchase! Just head to this link to redeem your discount offer.

Happy wooden watches shopping!

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