Blys Massage Mobile Review

Blys Massage Review & Giveaway

Now that I am in the second trimester of my pregnancy, the expected aches and pains with being pregnant have well and truly kicked in. The sore lower back, legs aching and just being exhausted after a day of working and coming home to the family means that a massage by Blys Massage Mobile service sounds like heaven right about now! You can win yourself a 1 hour massage as well!

I’ve never had a massage in my own home, so I was really intrigued to experience a Blys Massage Mobile service.

Easy to book

Bookings are done online which I love. I jumped on the Blys website and loved how easy it was to book a massage. I could book a single therapist or a couples massage. I could choose between a 60mins, 90mins or 120mins massage. I could choose my massage type – Swedish, remedial, sports or pregnancy and I could also choose if I wanted a male or female therapist.

I filled in my details and could choose what date I would like the massage and from what time to what time I am available for a massage. I then receive an email confirming the booking time and date and what my therapist’s name is.

Is a massage enjoyable at home?

I’ve only ever had massages at spas and wondered if I would feel just as relaxed by having a massage at home. I love the ease of having someone come to you. I work from home some days and the fact that I could squeeze in an hour massage during my lunch break, without having to get in the car and drive somewhere – is fabulous!

My therapist arrived on time and was super courteous and professional. She carried everything she needed for the massage and I just had to grab a couple of extra pillows because I am pregnant.

Once I got on the massage table, the therapist played soothing music from her phone and that was enough for me to start relaxing. I closed my eyes and let her hands work some much needed magic on my tired and aching body. I felt totally relaxed and in bliss and I could relax because I wasn’t thinking about how late I was going to get back to work. I knew once the massage was over, I could go straight back to work and didn’t lose any time in the process.

Did I mention they cater for pregnant women?

When I was pregnant with my first, I used to find it so hard to get a pregnancy massage. Not every spa or massage service caters towards pregnant women and often they are more expensive than a normal massage (which I find totally unfair!). So when I found out that Blys Massage Mobile caters for us pregnant women, I was so happy and really impressed that a mobile service can do this especially when you’re so pregnant, you really can’t be bothered to leave the house!

Would I use them again?

Absolutely! The fact that they can set up in my living room and get me into a state of bliss without tackling traffic and parking is the best. Prices are also super reasonable with a 1 hour massage priced at $99. Book online at


We want one of our lovely readers to experience true bliss and relaxation within the comfort of their own home which is why we are giving away a 1 hour massage by Blys Massage Mobile! Enter below:

Win a 1 Hour Massage by Blys Mobile Massage worth $99!


28 thoughts on “Blys Massage Review & Giveaway

  1. Ooh… I love mobile massages! Nothing is more bliss then having a massage at home where you can remain relaxed… Over having to walk out of a massage parlour all relaxed, battling to get out of squishy car parks, having to drive in heavy city traffic and no longer feeling as relaxed. Great they offer pregnancy massages…

  2. I need the massage at home for my wife. She has been looking after two young kids. I can imagine it’d be stressful. She desperately need this to relax.

  3. I’m pregnant with a very active 21 month old boy and an hour of relaxation would be absolute blys. The fact that Blys come to my home makes it even more appealing. Fingers crossed for this competition.

  4. My birthday on the 28th and I will be flying home and in airports for 24hours. I am unable to sleep on the plane so I’d love a relaxing massage, especially as I miss my entire birthday with time zone changes.

  5. I’m a full time carer and rarely have the chance to leave the house. A massage in my own home would be absolutely delightful to ease my tired, sore and aching muscles. <3

  6. Taking proper care of myself is essential for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The better I feel, the more I’m able to engage fully with my life and the richer my relationships with other people become. A good pampering session would balance me from the inside out, refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating me, making me happier and saner, all of which I’d carry with me into my dealings with the wider world.

  7. So busy during the day to get out to get a massage. Having it at home means I don’t need to spend the time to and from the appointment and then I can just relax straight afterwards. Always need my shoulders massaged because holding my son gets soooo heavy!

  8. As a mum with two autistic children, I really don’t have extra time to relax and time for myself. It is truly an amazing opportunity for everyone. I would enjoy it at my own home.

  9. Hurt the discs in my back and a massage would be bliss for my tired, aching body and rejuvenating for me!

  10. I broke my toe, it’s been hard to get around to go for a massage especially on my legs which are so sore for overcompensating with limping around. I so need this.

  11. Winter gardening has left my major muscles complaining. I’m sure you could fix that, BLYS!

  12. For a number of reasons, I’ve been stressed for an extended period of time and would appreciate a moment of relaxation.

  13. What a fantastic idea, getting a professional massage without ever having to get out of your own bed!

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